The Rebel

Don Marquis

No doubt the ordered worlds speed on
  With purpose in their wings;
No doubt the ordered songs are sweet
  Each worthy angel sings;
And doubtless it is wise to heed
  The ordered words of Kings;

But how the heart leaps up to greet
  The headlong, rebel flight,
Whenas some reckless meteor
  Blazes across the night!
Some comet—Byron—Lucifer—
  Has dared to Be, and fight!

No doubt but it is safe to dwell
  Where ordered duties are;
No doubt the cherubs earn their wage
  Who wind each ticking star;

No doubt the system is quite right!—
  Sane, ordered, regular;

But how the rebel fires the soul
  Who dares the strong gods’ ire!
Each Byron!—Shelley!—Lucifer!—
  And all the outcast choir
That chant when some Prometheus
  Leaps up to steal Jove’s fire!

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