3-letter words with meaning

AAH to exclaim in delight
AAL East Indian shrub
AAS [aa] (rough, cindery lava)
ABA sleeveless garment
ABO aborigine
ABS [ab] (abdominal muscle) {OSPD3}
ABY to pay the penalty for (abye)
ACE to make a perfect shot
ACT to perform by action
ADD to perform addition
ADO bustle
ADS [ad] (advertisement)
ADZ cutting tool (adze)
AFF off
AFT toward the stern
AGA Turkish military officer
AGE to grow old
AGO in the past
AHA intj. expressing sudden realization
AID to help
AIL to suffer pain
AIM to point in a direction
AIN Hebrew letter (ayin)
AIR to broadcast
AIS [ai] (three-toed sloth)
AIT small island
ALA wing
ALB long-sleeved vestment
ALE alcoholic beverage
ALL everything one has
ALP high mountain
ALS [al] (East Indian tree)
ALT high-pitched note
AMA Oriental nurse (amah)
AMI friend
AMP unit of electric current strength (ampere)
AMU atomic mass unit
ANA collection of information on a subject
AND added condition
ANE one
ANI tropical American black cuckoo
ANT small insect
ANY one or another
APE to mimic
APT appropriate
ARB stock trader
ARC to travel a curved course
ARE unit of surface measure/conj. of be
ARF dog's bark
ARK large boat
ARM to supply with weapons
ARS [ar] (letter 'r')
ART skill acquired by experience
ASH tree/to burn into ashes
ASK to question
ASP venemous snake
ASS donkey
ATE reckless impulse driving one to ruin
ATT Laotian monetary unit {OSPD3}
AUK diving seabird
AVA at all
AVE expression of greeting
AVO monetary unit of Macau
AWA away
AWE to inspire with awe
AWL pointed punching tool
AWN bristlelike appendage of certain grasses
AXE to cut with an axe
AYE affirmative vote
AYS [ay] (affirmative vote)
AZO containing nitrogen
BAA [baa] (to bleat)
BAD something bad
BAG to put into a bag
BAH intj. expressing disgust
BAL type of shoe (balmoral)
BAM to strike with a dull sound
BAN to prohibit/Rumanian coin
BAP small roll {OSPD3}
BAR to exclude
BAS [ba] (eternal soul in Egyptian mythology)
BAT to hit a baseball
BAY to howl
BED to provide with a bed
BEE winged insect
BEG to plead
BEL unit of power
BEN inner room
BET to wager
BEY Turkish ruler
BIB to drink alcohol
BID to make a bid
BIG large
BIN to store in a bin
BIO biography
BIS [bi] (bisexual)
BIT to restrain with a bit
BIZ business
BOA large snake
BOB to move up and down
BOD body
BOG to impede
BOO to deride
BOP to hit
BOS [bo] (pal)
BOT botfly larva
BOW to bend forward at the waist
BOX to put into a box
BOY male child
BRA brassiere
BRO brother {OSPD3}
BRR intj. used to indicate coldness (brrr)
BUB young fellow
BUD to grow buds
BUG to annoy
BUM to live idly
BUN small bread roll
BUR to remove a rough edge from (burr)
BUS to transport by bus
BUT flatfish
BUY to purchase
BYE free advance to next tournament round
BYS [by] (side issue)
CAB to drive a taxi
CAD ungentlemanly man
CAM rotating machine part
CAN to be able/to put into a can
CAP to put a cover onto
CAR automobile
CAT to anchor to a cathead
CAW to caw like a crow
CAY small low island
CEE letter 'c'
CEL drawn frame of animation {OSPD3}
CEP large mushroom (cepe)
CHI Greek letter
CIS having certain atoms on same side of molecule
COB corncob
COD to fool
COG to cheat at dice
COL depression between two mountains
CON to swindle
COO to make the sound of a dove
COP to steal
COR intj. expressing surprise
COS lettuce variety
COT lightweight bed
COW to intimidate
COX to direct a racing boat (coxswain)
COY shy/to caress
COZ cousin
CRY to weep
CUB young of certain animals
CUD food portion to be chewed again
CUE to signal a start
CUM together with
CUP to place into a cup
CUR mongrel dog
CUT to make an incision
CWM circular basin with steep walls (cirque)
DAB to touch lightly
DAD father
DAG hanging shred
DAH dash in Morse code
DAK transportion by relay
DAL lentil dish
DAM to build a dam
DAP to dip into water
DAW to dawn
DAY 24 hours
DEB debutante
DEE letter 'd'
DEL differential calculus operator
DEN to live in a lair
DEV Hindu god (deva)
DEW to wet with dew
DEX sulfate used as stimulant
DEY former North African ruler
DIB to fish
DID [do-conj] (to execute)
DIE to cease living/to make a die
DIG to scoop earth from the ground
DIM obscure/to make obscure
DIN to make a loud noise
DIP to immerse briefly
DIS to disrespect {OSPD3}
DIT dot in Morse code
DOC doctor
DOE female deer
DOG to follow after like a dog
DOL unit of pain intensity
DOM title given to certain monks
DON to put on
DOR black European beetle
DOS [do] (first tone of diatonic musical scale)
DOT to cover with dots
DOW to prosper
DRY having no moisture/prohibitionist/to make dry
DUB to confer knighthood upon
DUD bomb that fails to explode
DUE something owed
DUG teat, udder
DUI [duo-pl] (instrumental duet)
DUN of a dull brown color/to demand payment
DUO instrumental duet
DUP to open
DYE to color
EAR hearing organ
EAT to consume
EAU water
EBB to recede
ECU old French coin
EDH Old English letter
EEL snakelike fish
EFF letter 'f' (ef)
EFS [ef] (letter 'f')
EFT newt
EGG to throw eggs at
EGO conscious self
EKE to get with great difficulty
ELD old age
ELF small, often mischievous fairy
ELK large deer
ELL letter 'l'
ELM deciduous tree
ELS [el] (letter 'l')
EME uncle
EMF electromotive force {OSPD3}
EMS [em] (printer's measurement)
EMU large, flightless bird
END to terminate
ENG phonetic symbol
ENS entity
EON long period of time (aeon)
ERA chronological period (epoch)
ERE previous to; before
ERG unit of work or energy
ERN erne
ERR to make a mistake
ERS European climbing plant (ervil)
ESS letter 's' (es)
ETA Greek letter
ETH Old English letter (edh)
EVE evening
EWE female sheep
EYE organ of sight/to watch closely
FAD passing fancy
FAG to make weary by hard work
FAN to use a fan to cool
FAR at or to a great distance
FAS [fa] (fourth tone of diatonic musical scale)
FAT obese/to make fat
FAX to reproduce by electronic means
FAY to join closely
FED federal agent
FEE to pay a fee to
FEH Hebrew letter (pe)
FEM passive homosexual
FEN marsh
FER for
FET to fetch
FEU to grant land to under Scottish feudal law
FEW amounting to or consisting of a small number
FEY crazy
FEZ brimless cap worn by men in the Near East
FIB to tell a white lie
FID topmast support bar
FIE intj. expressing disapproval
FIG to adorn
FIL coin of Iraq, Jordan
FIN to equip with fins
FIR evergreen tree
FIT healthy/to be suitable for
FIX to repair
FIZ hissing or sputtering sound
FLU virus disease
FLY clever/to hit a ball high into the air in baseball/to move through the air
FOB to deceive
FOE enemy
FOG to cover with fog
FOH intj. faugh
FON warm, dry wind (foehn)
FOP to deceive
FOR directed or sent to
FOU drunk
FOX to outwit
FOY farewell feast or gift
FRO away
FRY to cook over direct heat in hot fat or oil
FUB to fob
FUD old-fashioned person
FUG to make stuffy
FUN to act playfully
FUR to cover with fur
GAB to chatter
GAD to roam about restlessly
GAE to go
GAG to prevent from talking
GAL girl
GAM to visit socially
GAN [gin-conj] (to begin)
GAP to make an opening in
GAR to compel
GAS to supply with gas
GAT pistol
GAY merry/homosexual
GED food fish
GEE to turn right
GEL to become like jelly
GEM to adorn with gemstones
GEN knowledge obtained by investigation {OSPD3}
GET to obtain
GEY very
GHI liquid butter made in India (ghee)
GIB to fasten with a wedge
GID disease of sheep
GIE to give
GIG to catch fish with a pronged spear
GIN to begin/to remove seeds from cotton
GIP to gyp
GIT intj. used as an order of dismissal
GNU large antelope
GOA Asian gazelle
GOB to fill a pit with waste
GOD to treat as a god (a supernatural being)
GOO slimy stuff
GOR intj. used as a mild oath
GOT [get-conj] (to obtain)
GOX gaseous oxygen
GOY non-Jewish person
GUL design in oriental carpets
GUM to chew without teeth
GUN to shoot with a gun
GUT to remove the guts of
GUV governor
GUY to ridicule
GYM large room for sports activities
GYP to swindle
HAD [have-conj] (to possess)
HAE to have
HAG to hack
HAH ha
HAJ pilgrimage to Mecca (hadj)
HAM to overact
HAO Vietnamese monetary unit
HAP to happen
HAS [ha] (sound expressing triumph)
HAT to provide with a hat
HAW to turn left
HAY to make into hay
HEH Hebrew letter (heth)
HEM to add an edge to
HEN female chicken
HEP hip
HER objective or possessive case of the pronoun she
HES [he] (male person)
HET Hebrew letter (heth)
HEW to cut with an ax
HEX to cast an evil spell upon
HEY intj. used to attract attention
HIC intj. used to represent a hiccup
HID [hide-conj] (to conceal)
HIE to hurry
HIM objective case of the pronoun he
HIN Hebrew unit of liquid measure
HIP aware of the most current styles and trends/to build a type of roof
HIS possessive form of the pronoun he
HIT to strike
HMM intj. expressing thought
HOB to provide with hobnails
HOD portable trough
HOE to use a hoe
HOG to take more than one's share
HON honeybun
HOP to move by jumping on one foot
HOT having a high temperature/to heat
HOW method of doing something
HOY heavy barge
HUB center of a wheel
HUE color
HUG to grasp with both arms
HUH intj. expressing surprise
HUM to sing without words
HUN barbarian
HUP intj. used to mark a marching cadence
HUT to live in a hut
HYP hypochondria
ICE to cover with ice
ICH fish disease
ICK intj. expressing distaste
ICY covered with ice
IDS [id] (part of psyche)
IFF if and only if {OSPD3}
IFS [if] (possible condition)
ILK kind
ILL evil
IMP to graft feathers onto a bird's wing
INK to apply ink to
INN to house at an inn
INS [in] (influence)
ION electrically charged atom
IRE to anger
IRK to annoy
ISM doctrine
ITS possesive form of [it]
IVY climbing vine
JAB to poke
JAG to cut unevenly
JAM to force together tightly
JAR to cause to shake
JAW to jabber
JAY corvine bird
JEE to turn right (gee)
JET to fly in a jet
JEU game
JEW to bargain with {offensive}
JIB to refuse to proceed further
JIG to bob
JIN Muslim supernatural being (jinn)
JOB to work by the piece
JOE fellow
JOG to run slowly
JOT to write down quickly
JOW to toll
JOY to rejoice
JUG to put into a jug
JUN coin of North Korea
JUS legal right
JUT to protrude
KAB ancient Hebrew unit of measure
KAE crow-like bird
KAF Hebrew letter (kaph)
KAS large cupboard/pl. of ka
KAT evergreen shrub
KAY letter 'k'
KEA parrot
KEF marijuana
KEG small barrel
KEN to know
KEP to catch
KEX dry, hollow stalk
KEY to provide with a key
KHI Greek letter (chi)
KID to tease
KIF marijuana (kef)
KIN group of related people
KIP to sleep
KIR alcoholic beverage
KIT to equip
KOA timber tree
KOB reddish brown antelope
KOI large Japanese carp {OSPD3}
KOP hill
KOR Hebrew unit of measure
KOS land measure in India
KUE letter 'q'
LAB laboratory
LAC resinous substance secreted by insects
LAD boy
LAG to fall behind
LAM to flee
LAP to drink with the tongue
LAR Roman tutelary god
LAS [la] (sixth tone of diatonic musical scale)
LAT former Latvian monetary unit
LAV lavatory
LAW to sue
LAX not strict or stringent
LAY to place
LEA meadow
LED [lead-conj] (to show the way)
LEE shelter from the wind
LEG to walk hurriedly
LEI flower necklace
LEK Albanian monetary unit
LET to rent
LEU monetary unit of Rumania
LEV Bulgarian monetary unit
LEX law
LEY lea
LEZ lesbian
LIB liberation
LID to provide with a lid
LIE to become horizontal/to tell untruths
LIN waterfall (linn)
LIP to touch with the lips
LIS [li] (Chinese unit of distance)
LIT [light] (to illuminate)/former Lithuanian monetary unit (litas)
LOB to throw in a high arc
LOG to cut down trees for timber
LOO to subject to a forfeit at the card game loo
LOP to chop off
LOT to distribute proportionately
LOW close to the ground/to make the sound of cattle
LOX to supply with lox (liquid oxygen)
LUG to pull with effort
LUM chimney
LUV sweetheart
LUX unit of illumination
LYE solution used to make soap
MAC raincoat
MAD insane/to madden
MAE more
MAG magazine
MAN adult human male/to supply with men
MAP to draw a map
MAR to destroy the perfection of
MAS [ma] (mother)
MAT to pack into a dense mass
MAW to mow
MAX maximum {OSPD3}
MAY to have permission/to gather flowers during Spring
MED medical
MEL honey
MEM Hebrew letter
MEN [man] (adult human male)
MET [meet-conj] (to make the acquaintance of)
MEW to meow
MHO unit of electrical conductance
MIB playing marble
MID middle
MIG playing marble
MIL unit of length
MIM primly demure
MIR Russian peasant commune
MIS [mi] (third tone of diatonic musical scale)
MIX to combine
MOA extinct flightless bird
MOB to crowd about
MOC soft leather heelless shoe (moccasin) {OSPD3}
MOD one who wears boldly stylish clothes
MOG to move away
MOL unit of quantity in chemistry (mole)
MOM mother
MON man
MOO to make the sound of a cow
MOP to wipe with a mop
MOR forest humus
MOS [mo] (moment)
MOT witty saying
MOW to cut down grass
MUD to cover with mud
MUG to assault with intent to rob
MUM to act in disguise
MUN man
MUS [mu] (Greek letter)
MUT mutt
NAB to capture
NAE no; not
NAG to find fault incessantly
NAH no
NAM [nim-conj] (to steal)
NAN Indian flat round leavened bread {OSPD3}
NAP to sleep briefly
NAW no
NAY negative vote
NEB bird beak
NEE born with the name of
NET to catch in a net
NEW existing only a short time/something that is new
NIB to provide with a penpoint
NIL nothing
NIM to steal
NIP to bite quickly
NIT insect egg
NIX to veto/water sprite
NOB wealthy person
NOD to move the head downward
NOG strong ale/to fill space with bricks
NOH classical drama of Japan
NOM name
NOO now
NOR and not
NOS [no] (negative reply)
NOT in no way
NOW present time
NTH pert. to item number n
NUB protuberance
NUN woman belonging to a religious order
NUS [nu] (Greek letter)
NUT to gather nuts
OAF clumsy person
OAK hardwood tree
OAR to row with oars
OAT cereal grass
OBE African sorcery (obeah)
OBI African sorcery (obeah)
OCA South American herb
ODD one that is odd/unusual
ODE lyric poem
ODS [od] (hypothetical force of natural power)
OES [oe] (Faroean wind)
OFF to kill
OFT often
OHM unit of electrical resistance
OHO intj. expressing surprise
OHS [oh] (to exclaim "oh")
OIL to supply with oil
OKA Turkish unit of weight
OKE Turkish unit of weight (oka)
OLD individual of a specified age/living or existing for a relatively long time
OLE shout of approval
OMS [om] (mantra used in meditation)
ONE number 1
ONS [on] (side of wicket in cricket)
OOH to exclaim in amazement
OOT out
OPE to open
OPS [op] (style of abstract art)
OPT to choose
ORA [os-pl] (orifice)
ORB to form into a sphere
ORC marine mammal (orca)
ORE mineral or rock containing valuable metal
ORS [or] (heraldic color gold)
ORT table scrap
OSE ridge of sand (esker)
OUD stringed instrument of northern Africa
OUR belonging to us
OUT to be revealed
OVA [ovum-pl] (female reproductive cell)
OWE to be under obligation to pay
OWL nocturnal bird
OWN to possess
OXO containing oxygen
OXY containing oxygen
PAC shoe patterned after a moccasin
PAD to line with padding
PAH intj. used as an exclamation of disgust
PAL to hang around with as friends
PAM jack of clubs
PAN to criticize harshly
PAP soft food for infants
PAR to shoot par on a hole
PAS [pa] (father)
PAT to touch lightly
PAW to scrape at with a paw
PAX ceremonial embrace given to signify Christian love and unity
PAY to give money in order to buy something
PEA edible seed of an annual herb
PEC pectoral muscle {OSPD3}
PED natural soil aggregate
PEE to urinate {offensive}
PEG to nail (a wooden pin)
PEH Hebrew letter (pe)
PEN to write
PEP to fill with energy
PER for each
PES foot/pl. of pe (Hebrew letter)
PET to caress with the hand
PEW bench for seating people in church
PHI Greek letter
PHT intj. used as an expression of mild anger or annoyance
PIA brain membrane
PIC photograph
PIE to pi
PIG to bear pigs (cloven-hoofed mammals)
PIN to fasten with a pin
PIP to break through the shell of an egg
PIS [pi] (Greek letter)
PIT to mark with cavities or depressions
PIU more used as a musical direction
PIX container for the Eucharist (pyx)
PLY to supply with or offer repeatedly
POD to produce seed vessels
POH intj. expressing disgust
POI Hawaiian food
POL politician
POM English immigrant in Australia {offensive}
POP to make a sharp, explosive sound
POT to put into a pot
POW explosive sound
POX to infect with syphilis
PRO argument or vote in favor of something
PRY to inquire impertinently into private matters
PSI Greek letter
PUB tavern
PUD pudding
PUG to fill in with clay or mortar
PUL coin of Afghanistan
PUN to make a pun (a play on words)
PUP to give birth to puppies
PUR to purr
PUS viscous fluid formed in infected tissue
PUT to place in a particular position
PYA copper coin of Burma
PYE book of ecclesiastical rules in the pre reformation english church
PYX container for the Eucharist
QAT evergreen shrub (kat)
QUA in the capacity of
RAD to fear
RAG to scold
RAH intj. used to cheer on a team or player
RAJ dominion; sovereignty
RAM to strike with great force
RAN [run-conj] (to move by rapid steps)
RAP to strike sharply
RAS Ethiopian prince
RAT to hunt rats (long-tailed rodents)
RAW uncooked/sore or irritated spot
RAX to stretch out
RAY to emit rays
REB Confederate soldier
REC recreation
RED of the color red/to put into order
REE female Eurasian sandpiper
REF to referee
REG regulation
REI erroneous form of former Portuguese coin
REM quantity of ionizing radiation
REP cross-ribbed fabric
RES thing or matter
RET to soak in order to loosen the fiber from the woody tissue
REV to increase the speed of
REX animal with a single wavy layer of hair/king
RHO Greek letter
RIA long, narrow inlet
RIB to poke fun at
RID to free from something objectionable
RIF to lay off from employment
RIG to put in proper condition for use
RIM to provide with a rim (an outer edge)
RIN to run or melt
RIP to tear or cut apart roughly
ROB to take property from illegally
ROC lengendary bird of prey
ROD to provide with a rod
ROE mass of eggs within a female fish
ROM male gypsy
ROT to decompose
ROW to propel by means of oars
RUB to move along the surface of a body with pressure
RUE to feel sorrow or remorse for
RUG to tear roughly
RUM alcoholic liquor/odd
RUN to move by rapid steps
RUT to make ruts (grooves) in
RYA Scandinavian handwoven rug
RYE cereal grass
SAB to sob
SAC pouchlike structure in an animal or plant
SAD unhappy
SAE so
SAG to bend or sink downward from weight or pressure
SAL salt
SAP to weaken gradually
SAT [sit-conj] (to rest on the buttocks)
SAU xu
SAW to cut or divide with a saw
SAX saxophone
SAY to utter
SEA ocean
SEC secant
SEE to perceive with the eyes
SEG advocate of racial segregation
SEI large whale (rorqual)
SEL self
SEN monetary unit of Japan
SER unit of weight of India
SET to put in a particular position
SEW to mend or fasten with a needle and thread
SEX to determine the sex of
SHA intj. used to urge silence (shh)
SHE female person
SHH intj. used to urge silence
SHY timid/to move suddenly back in fear
SIB sibling
SIC to urge to attack
SIM simulation
SIN to commit a sin
SIP to drink in small quantities
SIR respectful form of address used to a man
SIS sister
SIT to rest on the buttocks
SIX number 6
SKA Jamaican music
SKI to travel on skis
SKY to hit or throw toward the sky
SLY crafty
SOB to cry with a convulsive catching of the breath
SOD to cover with sod (turf)
SOL fifth tone of diatonic musical scale (so)
SON male child
SOP to dip or soak in a liquid
SOS [so] (fifth tone of diatonic musical scale)
SOT habitual drunkard
SOU former French coin
SOW to scatter over land for growth, as seed
SOX [sock-pl] (knitted or woven covering for the foot)
SOY soybean
SPA mineral spring
SPY to watch secretly
SRI mister; sir used as a Hindu title of respect
STY to keep in a pigpen
SUB to act as a substitute
SUE to institute legal proceedings against
SUM to add into one total
SUN to expose to the sun
SUP to eat supper
SUQ marketplace (souk) {OSPD3}
SYN syne
TAB to name or designate
TAD small boy
TAE to
TAG to provide with a tag
TAJ tall, conical cap worn in Muslim countries
TAM tight-fitting Scottish cap
TAN brown from the sun's rays/to convert hide into leather by soaking in chemicals
TAO path of virtuous conduct according to a Chinese philosophy
TAP to strike gently
TAR to cover with tar
TAS [ta] (thanks)
TAT to make tatting
TAU greek letter
TAV Hebrew letter
TAW to convert into white leather by the application of minerals
TAX to place a tax on
TEA beverage made by infusing dried leaves in boiling water
TED to spread for drying
TEE to place a golf ball on a small peg
TEG yearling sheep
TEL ancient mound in the Middle East
TEN number 10
TET Hebrew letter (teth)
TEW to work hard
THE article used to specify or make particular
THO though
THY possessive form of the pronoun thou
TIC involuntary muscular contraction
TIE to fasten with a cord or rope
TIL sesame plant
TIN to coat with tin
TIP to tilt
TIS [ti] (seventh tone of diatonic musical scale)
TIT small bird
TOD British unit of weight
TOE to touch with the toe
TOG to clothe
TOM male of various animals
TON unit of weight
TOO in addition
TOP to cut off the top
TOR high, craggy hill
TOT to total
TOW to pull by means of a rope or chain
TOY to amuse oneself as if with a toy
TRY to attempt
TSK to utter a scolding exclamation
TUB to wash in a tub
TUG to pull with force
TUI bird of New Zealand
TUN to store in a large cask
TUP to copulate with a ewe
TUT to utter an exclamation of impatience
TUX tuxedo
TWA two
TWO number 2
TYE chain on a ship
UDO Japanese herb
UGH sound of a cough or grunt
UKE ukulele
ULU Eskimo knife
UMM intj. expressing hesitation (um)
UMP to umpire
UNS [un] (one)
UPO upon
UPS [up] (to raise)
URB urban area
URD annual bean grown in India
URN type of vase
USE to put into service
UTA large lizard
UTS [ut] (musical tone)
VAC vacuum cleaner
VAN large motor vehicle
VAR unit of reactive power
VAS anatomical duct
VAT to put into a vat
VAU Hebrew letter (vav)
VAV Hebrew letter
VAW Hebrew letter (vav)
VEE letter 'v'
VEG vegetable
VET to treat animals medically
VEX to annoy
VIA by way of
VIE to strive for superiority
VIG charge paid to a bookie on a bet (vigorish)
VIM energy
VIS force or power
VOE small bay, creek, or inlet
VOW to make a vow
VOX voice
VUG small cavity in a rock or lode
WAB web
WAD to form into a wad
WAE woe
WAG to move briskly up and down or to and fro
WAN to become wan/unnaturally pale
WAP to wrap
WAR to engage in war
WAS [be-conj] (to exist)
WAT hare/wet
WAW Hebrew letter (vav)
WAX to coat with wax
WAY method of doing something
WEB to provide with a web
WED to marry
WEE short time/very small
WEN benign skin tumor
WET soaked with a liquid/to make wet
WHA who
WHO what or which person or persons
WHY reason or cause of something
WIG to provide with a wig
WIN to be victorious/to winnow
WIS to know
WIT intelligence/to know
WIZ wizard
WOE tremendous grief
WOG dark-skinned foreigner
WOK cooking utensil
WON to dwell
WOO to seek the affection of
WOP Italian {offensive}
WOS [wo] (woe)
WOT to know
WOW to excite to enthusiastic approval
WRY contorted/to contort
WUD insane
WYE letter 'y'
WYN rune for 'W' (wynn)
XIS [xi] (Greek letter)
YAH intj. used as an exclamation of disgust
YAK to chatter
YAM plant having an edible root
YAP to bark shrilly
YAR yare
YAW to deviate from an intended course
YAY to this extent
YEA affirmative vote
YEH yeah
YEN to yearn
YEP yes
YES to give an affirmative reply to
YET up to now
YEW evergreen tree or shrub
YID Jew {offensive}
YIN feminine passive principle {Chinese}
YIP to yelp
YOB hoodlum
YOD Hebrew letter
YOK boisterous laugh
YOM day
YON yonder
YOU 2d person sing. or pl. pronoun
YOW to yowl
YUK to laugh loudly
YUM intj. expressing tasteful pleasure
YUP yep
ZAG to turn sharply
ZAP to kill or destroy
ZAX tool for cutting roof slates
ZED letter 'z'
ZEE letter 'z'
ZEK inmate in a Soviet labor camp
ZIG to turn sharply
ZIN zinfandel {OSPD3}
ZIP to move rapidly
ZIT pimple
ZOA [zoon-pl] (whole product of a fertilized egg)
ZOO place where animals are kept for public exhibition

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