J Words With Meanings

HAJ pilgrimage to Mecca (hadj)
JAB to poke
JAG to cut unevenly
JAM to force together tightly
JAR to cause to shake
JAW to jabber
JAY corvine bird
JEE to turn right (gee)
JET to fly in a jet
JEU game
JEW to bargain with {offensive}
JIB to refuse to proceed further
JIG to bob
JIN Muslim supernatural being (jinn)
JOB to work by the piece
JOE fellow
JOG to run slowly
JOT to write down quickly
JOW to toll
JOY to rejoice
JUG to put into a jug
JUN coin of North Korea
JUS legal right
JUT to protrude
RAJ dominion; sovereignty
TAJ tall, conical cap worn in Muslim countries
AJAR partly open
AJEE to one side (agee)
DJIN a supernatural being (jinni, jinn)
DOJO a school that teaches judo or karate
FUJI a silk fabric
HADJ a pilgrimage to Mecca
HAJI one who has made a hadj (hadji)
HAJJ a pilgrimage to Mecca (hadj)
JABS [jab-conj] (to poke)
JACK to raise with a lever
JADE to weary
JAGG to jag
JAGS [jag-conj] (to cut unevenly)
JAIL to put in a place of confinement
JAKE all right; fine
JAMB to jam
JAMS [jam-conj] (to force together tightly)
JANE a girl or woman
JAPE to mock
JARL Scandinavian nobleman
JARS [jar-conj] (to cause to shake)
JATO a jet assisted takeoff
JAUK to dawdle
JAUP to splash
JAVA coffee
JAWS [jaw-conj] (to jabber)
JAYS [jay-pl] (corvine bird)
JAZZ to enliven
JEAN a durable, cotton fabric
JEED [jee-conj] (to turn right)
JEEP to travel in a small motor vehicle
JEER to mock
JEES [jee-conj] (to turn right)
JEEZ used as a mild oath
JEFE a chief
JEHU a fast driver
JELL to congeal
JEON a monetary unit of South Korea
JERK to move with a sharp, sudden motion
JESS to fasten straps around the legs of a hawk
JEST to joke
JETE a ballet leap
JETS [jet-conj] (to fly in a jet)
JEUX [jeu-pl] (a game)
JEWS [jew-conj] (to bargain with {offensive})
JIAO Chinese monetary unit
JIBB to shift from side to side while sailing
JIBE to jeer (gibe)
JIBS [jib-conj] (to refuse to proceed further)
JIFF jiffy
JIGS [jig-conj] (to bob)
JILL a unit of liquid measure
JILT to reject a lover
JIMP natty
JINK to move quickly out of the way
JINN Muslim supernatural being
JINS [jin-pl] (Muslim supernatural being)
JINX to bring bad luck to
JISM semen {offensive}
JIVE to play jazz
JOBS [job-conj] (to work by the piece)
JOCK an athletic supporter
JOES [joe-pl] (fellow)
JOEY a young kangaroo
JOGS [jog-conj] (to run slowly)
JOHN a toilet
JOIN to unite
JOKE to say something amusing
JOKY amusing (jokey)
JOLE jowl
JOLT to jar or shake roughly
JOSH to tease
JOSS a Chinese idol
JOTA a Spanish dance
JOTS [jot-conj] (to write down quickly)
JOUK to dodge
JOWL the fleshy part under the lower jaw
JOWS [jow-conj] (to put into a jug)
JOYS [joy-conj] (to rejoice)
JUBA a lively dance
JUBE a platform in a church
JUDO a form of jujitsu
JUGA [jugum-pl] a pair of the opposite leaflets of a pinnate leaf
JUGS [jug-conj] (to put into a jug)
JUJU an object with magical power
JUKE to fake out of position
JUMP to spring off the ground
JUNK to discard as trash
JUPE a woman's jacket
JURA [jus-pl] (legal right)
JURY a group of persons sworn to render a verdict
JUST acting in conformity with what is morally good/to joust
JUTE a strong, coarse fiber
JUTS [jut-conj] (to protrude)
MOJO a magic charm
PUJA a Hindu prayer ritual
RAJA a king or prince in India (rajah)
SOJA the soybean

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