Z Words With Meanings

ADZ cutting tool (adze)
AZO containing nitrogen
BIZ business
COZ cousin
FEZ brimless cap worn by men in the Near East
FIZ hissing or sputtering sound
LEZ lesbian
WIZ wizard
ZAG to turn sharply
ZAP to kill or destroy
ZAX tool for cutting roof slates
ZED letter 'z'
ZEE letter 'z'
ZEK inmate in a Soviet labor camp
ZIG to turn sharply
ZIP to move rapidly
ZIT pimple
ZOA [zoon-pl] (whole product of a fertilized egg)
ZOO place where animals are kept for public exhibition
ADZE cutting tool
AZAN Muslim call to prayer
AZON radio-controlled aerial bomb
BIZE a cold wind (bise)
BOZO a fellow
BUZZ to make a vibrating sound
CHEZ at the home of
COZY to try to get on friendly terms/snug and comfortable
CZAR an emperor
DAZE to stun
DOZE to sleep lightly
DOZY drowsy
FAZE to disturb the composure of
FIZZ to make a hissing sound
FOZY overripe
FRIZ to frizz
FUTZ to spend time aimlessly
FUZE to fuse
FUZZ to become fuzzy
GAZE to look intently
HAZE to subject to a humiliating initiation
HAZY unclear
IZAR an outer garment worn by Muslim women
JAZZ to enliven
JEEZ intj. used as a mild oath
LAZE to pass time lazily
LAZY disinclined toward work/to move or lie lazily
MAZE to bewilder
MAZY like a maze
MOZO a manual laborer
NAZI a fascist
OOZE to flow slowly
OOZY resembling slime
ORZO rice-shaped pasta
OUZO a Greek liqueur
OYEZ a cry used to bring a law court to order
PHIZ a face or facial expression
PREZ a president
PUTZ to waste time
QUIZ to test knowledge
RAZE to demolish
RAZZ to deride
RITZ pretentious display
SIZE to arrange by size
SIZY viscid
SPAZ a clumsy person
TZAR an emperor
WHIZ to move with a buzzing sound
ZAGS [zag-conj] (to turn sharply)
ZANY a zany person/ludicrously comical
ZAPS [zap-conj] (to kill or destroy)
ZARF a metal holder for a coffee cup
ZEAL enthusiastic devotion
ZEBU an Asian ox
ZEDS [zed-pl] (letter 'z')
ZEES [zee-pl] (letter 'z')
ZEIN a simple protein
ZEKS [zek-pl] (inmate in a Soviet labor camp)
ZERO to aim at the exact center
ZEST to invigorate
ZETA a Greek letter
ZIGS [zig-conj] (to turn sharply)
ZILL finger cymbal
ZINC to coat with zinc
ZING to move with a high-pitched hum
ZIPS [zip-conj] (to move rapidly)
ZITI a tubular pasta
ZITS [zit-pl] (pimple)
ZOEA larval form of certain crustaceans
ZOIC pertaining to animals or animal life
ZONE to arrange in areas distinguished from adjacent areas
ZONK to stupefy
ZOOM to move with a loud humming sound
ZOON the whole product of one fertilized egg
ZOOS [zoo-pl] (place where animals are kept for public exhibition)
ZORI a type of sandal
ZYME an enzyme

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