Proper Name Words

Al : an East Indian tree
Alan : a large hunting dog
Alec : a herring
Alma : an Egyptian girl who sings and dances professionally
Almah : an Egyptian girl who sings and dances professionally
Anna : a former coin of India
Argus : an East Indian pheasant
Art : an aesthetically pleasing... arrangement of elements
Ash : to convert into ash
Baker : one that bakes
Basil : an aromatic herb
Beard : to oppose boldly
Belle : an attractive woman
Ben : an inner room
Benjamin : benzoine
Benny : an amphetamine tablet
Bertha : a wide collar
Beth : a Hebrew letter
Biff : to hit
Bill : to present a statement of costs to
Billy : a short club
Birch : to whip
Bo : a pal
Bob : to move up and down
Bobby : a policeman
Bolivar : a monetary unit of Venezuela
Bonita : a bonito
Bonnie : bonny (pretty)
Booker : one that books
Boxer : one that packs boxes
Brad : a thin nail
Braille : to write in braille (raised writing for the blind)
Bud : a undeveloped plant part
Burton : a hoisting block
Buster : one that breaks up something
Carl : a peasant
Carol : to sing joyously
Carter : one that carts
Carver : one that carves
Celeste : a celesta (keyboard instrument)
Chad : a scrap of paper
Charley : a fool
Charlie : a fool
Chase : to pursue
Chevy : to chase about
Chico : a prickly shrub
Chopin : a type of show
Christie : a skiing turn
Christy : a skiing turn
Chuck : to throw
Cisco : a freshwater fish
Clarence : a closed carriage
Clay : to treat with clay
Clement : merciful
Cliff : a high steep face of rock
Cooper : to make or mend barrels
Corky : corklike
Dagwood : a large sandwich
Daisy : a flowering plant
Dale : a valley
Dalton : a unit of atomic mass
Daphne : a flowering shrub
Davy : a safety lamp
Dawn : to begin to grow light
Dean : a head of faculty
Deb : a debutante
Delver : one that delves
Demy : a size of paper
Devon : one of a breed of small, hardy, cattle
Dexter : situated on the right
Dick : to copulate with
Dickens : a devil
Dirk : a small knife
Dolly : a wheeled platform
Dom : a title given to certain monks
Don : to put on
Donna : an Italian lady
Dot : a tiny round mark
Dotty : crazy
Duke : a high ranking nobleman
Dusty : full of dust
Earl : a British nobleman
Ed : education
Eddy : to move against the main current
Einstein : a very intelligent person
Erica : a shrub of the heath family
Fagin : a person who instructs others in crime
Faith : belief or trust
Fanny : the buttocks
Fay : to join closely
Felicity : happiness
Fern : a flowerless vascular plant
Florence : a former gold coin of Europe
Flossie : a floozy
Ford : to cross by wading
Frank : honest and unreserved in speech
Franklin : a medeival English landowner
Fritz : a non-functioning state
Gabby : talkative
Galvanic : pertaining to a direct electric current
Garvey : a small scow
Gene : a hereditary unit
Gilbert : a unit of magnetomotive force
Gilly : to transport on a type of wagon
Ginger : to flavor with ginger
Glen : a small valley
Gloria : a halo
Gore : to pierce with a horn or tusk
Grace : to give beauty to
Graham : whole wheat flour
Grant : to bestow upon
Guy : to ridicule
Hale : healthy
Hank : to fasten a sail
Hansel : to give a gift to
Harper : a harpist
Harry : to pillage
Hatcher : one that hatches
Hector : to bully
Henry : a unit of inductance
Herb : a flowering plant with a non-woody stem
Herby : abounding in herbs
Holly : a tree
Homer : to hit a home run
Honey : to sweeten with honey
Hope : desire or expectation
Hoyle : a rule book
Iris : a part of the eye
Jack : to raise with a type of lever
Jacky : a sailor
Jade : to weary
Jake : all right, fine
Jane : a girl or woman
Jay : a corvine bird
Jean : a durable cotton fabric
Jehu : a fast driver
Jemmy : to pry open with a crowbar (jimmy)
Jenny : a female donkey
Jeroboam : a wine bottle
Jerry : a German soldier
Jersey : a close-fitting knitted shirt
Jess : to fasten straps around the legs of
Jesse : to fasten straps around the legs of
Jesuit : a scheming person
Jewel : to adorn or equip with jewels (precious stones)
Jezebel : a scheming wicked woman
Jill : a unit of liquid measure
Jimmy : to pry open with a crowbar
Jo : a sweetheart
Joannes : a Portuguese coin
Job : to work by the piece
Jocko : a monkey
Joe : a fellow
Joey : a young kangaroo
Johannes : a Portuguese coin
John : a toilet
Johnny : a sleeveless hospital gown
Jones : a drug addiction
Jordan : a type of container
Joseph : a woman's long cloak
Josh : to tease
Joule : a unit of energy
Joy : to rejoice
Judas : a peephole
Kay : the letter K
Kayo : to knock out
Kelly : a bright green color
Kelvin : a unit of temperature
Ken : to know
Kent : knew
Kerry : an Irish breed of cattle
King : to reign as king (a male monarch)
Kip : to sleep
Kit : to equip
Kitty : a kitten or cat
Kris : a short sword
Lacey : lacy
Lambert : a unit of illumination
Lance : to pierce with a lance
Langley : a unit of illumination
Lars : Roman gods
Lassie : a lass
Laura : a type of monastary
Laurel : to crown with a wreath of evergreen
Lear : learning
Lee : to shelter from the wind
Leno : a style of weaving
Levy : to impose or collect, as tax
Lily : a flowering plant
Lolly : a lollipop
Louie : a lieutenant
Louis : a former gold coin of France
Lucifer : a friction match
Mac : a raincoat
Macadam : a type of pavement
Mae : more
Magdalen : a reformed prostitute
Mamie : a tropical tree
Manly : like a man
Marc : the residue after a fruit has been pressed
Marcel : to make a deep soft wave in the hair
Marge : a margin
Maria : dark areas on the surface of the moon or Mars
Marigold : a flowering plant
Marina : a docking area for small boats
Mark : to make a visible impression on
Marshall : to put in proper order
Martin : a small bird
Marvy : marvelous
Maryjane : marijuana
Mason : to build with stone or brick
Matilda : a hobo's bundle
Matt : to produce a dull finish on
Maxwell : a unit of magnetic flux
May : to gather flowers in the spring
Mel : honey
Melody : an agreeable succession of musical sounds
Mercy : compassion
Merle : a blackbird
Merlin : a European falcon
Mick : an Irishman
Mickey : a drugged drink
Mike : a microphone
Miller : one that mills
Milt : to impgregnate with milt (fish sperm)
Milty : full of milt (fish sperm)
Mim : primly demure
Minny : a minnow
Mo : a moment
Molly : a tropical fish
Morgan : a unit of distance between genes
Morris : an English folk dance
Morse : designating a code used in telegraphy
Mort : a note sounded on a hunting horn
Nan : a round flat bread
Nana : a grandmother
Napoleon : a type of pastry
Nellie : an effeminate male
Nelly : an effeminate male
Nelson : a wrestling hold
Nestor : a wise old man
Newt : a small salamander
Newton : a unit of force
Nick : to make a shallow cut in
Noel : a Christmas card
Norm : a standard
Oedipal : pertaining to libidinal feelings of a child...
Ohm : a unit of electrical resistance
Olive : a small fruit
Otto : fragrant oil
Page : to summon by calling out the name of
Palmer : a religious pilgrim
Pam : the Jack of Clubs in some card games
Parr : a young salmon
Pat : to touch lightly
Patsy : one who is easily fooled
Pattie : a thin, flat cake of food
Patty : a thin, flat cake of food
Penny : a coin of the United Kingdom
Peter : to diminish gradually
Pia : a membrane of the brain
Pierce : to cut or pass into or through
Pike : to pierce with a pike (a long spear)
Pinky : the little finger
Piper : one who plays a pipe
Quisling : a traitor who aids the invaders of his country
Ralph : to vomit
Randy : lustful
Rather : preferably
Reed : to fasten with reeds (the stalks of tall grasses)
Reg : a regulation
Regina : a queen
Rehoboam : a wine bottle
Rex : a king
Rich : having wealth
Rick : to pile hay in stacks
Rob : to take property from illegally
Robin : a songbird
Rod : to provide with a rod
Roentgen : a unit of radiation dosage
Roger : a pirate flag
Romeo : a male lover
Rontgen : a unit of radiation dosage
Rose : to make the color of a rose (a reddish flower)
Rube : a rustic
Ruby : deep red
Rusty : covered with rust
Ruth : compassion
Sabin : a unit of sound absorption
Sal : salt
Sally : to rush out suddenly
Sanders : one that sands
Sandy : covered with sand
Saul : a soul
Sawyer : one that saws wood for a living
Shaw : to show
Shawn : an early woodwind instrument
Shea : an African tree
Sheila : a young woman
Shelly : abounding in seashells
Simony : the buying or selling of a church office
Smith : a worker in metals
Sol : the fifth note of diatonic scale
Sonny : a small boy
Sonny : a small boy
Sophy : a Persian ruler
Spencer : a trysail
Spike : a long thick nail
Spud : to remove with a spadelike tool
Stein : a beer mug
Stew : to cook by boiling slowly
Sue : to institute legal proceedings again
Tab : to name or designate
Tad : a small boy
Tammie : a fabric of mixed fibers
Tammy : a fabric of mixed fibers
Ted : to spread for drying
Teddy : a woman's undergarment
Terry : an abosrbent fabric
Texas : the uppermost structure on a steamboat
Thatcher : one that thatches
Tiffany : a thin, mesh fabric
Timothy : a European grass
Tip : to tilt
Toby : a type of drinking mug
Tod : a British unit of weight
Tom : to behave like an Uncle Tom
Tommy : a loaf of bread
Tony : stylish
Troy : a system of weights
Turner : one that turns
Twain : a set of two
Van : a type of motor vehicle
Vera : very
Veronica : a handkerchief with Christ's face
Victor : one who defeats the enemy
Victoria : a light carriage
Viola : a stringed instrument
Violet : a flowering plant
Wally : something visually pleasing
Ward : to turn aside
Warren : a place where rabbits live
Watt : a unit of power
Webster : a weaver
Will : to decide upon
Willy : to willow
Wilt : to become limp
Woody : resembling wood

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