Vocabulary : Na to Nacker

Na : No, not. See No.
Nab : The summit of an eminence. ;; The cock of a gunlock. ;; The keeper, or box into which the lock is shot. ;; To catch or seize suddenly or unexpectedly.
Nabbed : of Nab
Nabbing : of Nab
Nabit : Pulverized sugar candy.
Nabk : The edible berries of the Zizyphys Lotus, a tree of Northern Africa, and Southwestern Europe.
Nabob : A deputy or viceroy in India; a governor of a province of the ancient Mogul empire. ;; One who returns to Europe from the East with immense riches: hence, any man of great wealth.
Nacarat : A pale red color, with a cast of orange. ;; Fine linen or crape dyed of this color.
Nacelle : A small boat. ;; The basket suspended from a balloon; hence, the framework forming the body of a dirigible balloon, and containing the machinery, passengers, etc. ;; A boatlike, inclosed body of an aeroplane.
Nacker : See Nacre.
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