Vocabulary : Pa to Paca

Pa : A shortened form of Papa.
Paage : A toll for passage over another person's grounds.
Paard : The zebra.
Paas : Pace ;; The Easter festival.
Pabular : Of, pertaining to, or fit for, pabulum or food; affording food.
Pabulation : The act of feeding, or providing food. ;; Food; fodder; pabulum.
Pabulous : Affording pabulum, or food; alimental.
Pabulum : The means of nutriment to animals or plants; food; nourishment; hence, that which feeds or sustains, as fuel for a fire; that upon which the mind or soul is nourished; as, intellectual pabulum.
Pac : A kind of moccasin, having the edges of the sole turned up and sewed to the upper.
Paca : A small South American rodent (Coelogenys paca), having blackish brown fur, with four parallel rows of white spots along its sides; the spotted cavy. It is nearly allied to the agouti and the Guinea pig.
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