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Acronym (longest) | Alternating vowels and consonants | Begins and ends with vowels; containing no vowel | Consisting only of consecutive letters | Containing ABC in order | Containing MNOP in order | Containing RSTU in order | Ending with GRY | Ending with MT | Horizontal Symmetry | Letters in alphabetical order | Letters in reverse alphabetical order | Letters occurring twice | Long transposal | Most spelling variations | No letter appearing more than once | One-syllable becomes three-syllable word with one or more letter(s) | Playable on a Musical Instruments | Repetitive identically spelled syllables | Spelled using chemical symbols | Symmetrically distributed letters | Two-syllable becomes one-syllable word with one letter | Using only descender letters | Using only first half alphabet letter | Using only long letters | Using only second half alphabet letter | Using only up letters | Vertical symmetry |