Vocabulary : Gab to Gabel

Gab : The hook on the end of an eccentric rod opposite the strap. See. Illust. of Eccentric. ;; The mouth; hence, idle prate; chatter; unmeaning talk; loquaciousness. ;; To deceive; to lie. ;; To talk idly; to prate; to chatter.
Gabarage : A kind of coarse cloth for packing goods.
Gabardine : Alt. of Gaberdine
Gabber : A liar; a deceiver. ;; One addicted to idle talk.
Gabbier : One who gabbles; a prater.
Gabble : To talk fast, or to talk without meaning; to prate; to jabber. ;; To utter inarticulate sounds with rapidity; as, gabbling fowls. ;; Loud or rapid talk without meaning. ;; Inarticulate sounds rapidly uttered; as of fowls.
Gabbled : of Gabble
Gabbling : of Gabble
Gabbro : A name originally given by the Italians to a kind of serpentine, later to the rock called euphotide, and now generally used for a coarsely crystalline, igneous rock consisting of lamellar pyroxene (diallage) and labradorite, with sometimes chrysolite (olivine gabbro).
Gabel : A rent, service, tribute, custom, tax, impost, or duty; an excise.
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