Vocabulary : T connection to Tabasco sauce

T connection : The connection of two coils diagrammatically as a letter T, chiefly used as a connection for passing transformers. When the three free ends are connected to a source of three-phase current, two-phase current may be derived from the secondary circuits. The reverse arrangement may be used to transform from two-phase.
Ta : To take.
Taas : A heap. See Tas.
Tab : The flap or latchet of a shoe fastened with a string or a buckle. ;; A tag. See Tag, 2. ;; A loop for pulling or lifting something. ;; A border of lace or other material, worn on the inner front edge of ladies' bonnets. ;; A loose pendent part of a lady's garment; esp., one of a series of pendent squares forming an edge or border.
Tabacco : Tobacco.
Tabanus : A genus of blood sucking flies, including the horseflies.
Tabard : A sort of tunic or mantle formerly worn for protection from the weather. When worn over the armor it was commonly emblazoned with the arms of the wearer, and from this the name was given to the garment adopted for heralds.
Tabarder : One who wears a tabard. ;; A scholar on the foundation of Queen's College, Oxford, England, whose original dress was a tabard.
Tabaret : A stout silk having satin stripes, -- used for furniture.
Tabasco sauce : A kind of very pungent sauce made from red peppers.
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