Meaning of Liff: DALRYMPLE to DIDCOT

(Liff words collected: 550)

DALRYMPLE : (n.) Dalarymples are the things you pay extra for on pieces of hand-made craftwork - the rough edges, the paint smudges and the holes in the glazing.
DAMNAGLAUR : (n.) A certain facial expression which actors are required to demonstrate their mastery of before they are allowed to play Macbeth.
DARENTH : (n.) Measure = 0.0000176 mg. Defined as that amount of margarine capable of covering one hundred slices of bread to the depth of one molecule. This is the legal maximum allowed in sandwich bars in Greater London.
DEAL : (n.) The gummy substance found between damp toes.
DEEPING ST NICHOLAS : (n.) What street-wise kids do at Christmas. They hide on the rooftops waiting for Santa Claus so that if he arrives and goes down the chimney, they can rip stuff off from his sleigh.
DES MOINES : (pl.n.) The two little lines which come down from your nose.
DETCHANT : (n.) (Of the hands or feet.) Prunelike after an overlong bath.
DETCHANT : (n.) That part of a hymn (usually a few notes at the end of a verse) where the tune goes so high or low that you suddenly have to change octaves to accommodate it.
DIBBLE : (vb.) To try to remove a sticky something from one hand with the other, thus causing it to get stuck to the other hand and eventually to anything else you try to remove it with.
DIDCOT : (n.) The tiny oddly-shaped bit of card which a ticket inspector cuts out of a ticket with his clipper for no apparent reason. It is a little-known fact that the confetti at Princess Margaret's wedding was made up of thousands of didcots collected by inspectors on the Royal Train.

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