Meaning of Liff: YADDLETHORPE to YORK

(Liff words collected: 550)

YADDLETHORPE : (vb.) (Of offended pooves.) To exit huffily from a boutique.
YARMOUTH : (vb.) To shout at foreigners in the belief that the louder you speak, the better they'll understand you.
YATE : (n.) Dishearteningly white piece of bread which sits limply in a pop-up toaster during a protracted throcking (q.v.) session.
YEPPOON : (n.) One of the hat-hanging corks which Australians wear for making Qantas commercials.
YESNABY : (n.) A 'yes, maybe' which means 'no'.
YONDER BOGINE : (n.) The kind of restaurant advertised as 'just three minutes from this cinema' which clearly nobody ever goes to and, even if they had ever contemplated it, have certainly changed their mind since seeing the advert.
YONKERS : (n.) (Rare.) The combined thrill of pain and shame when being caught in public plucking your nostril-hairs and stuffing them into your side-pocket.
YORK : (vb.) To shift the position of the shoulder straps on a heavy bag or rucksack in a vain attempt to make it seem lighter. Hence : to laugh falsely and heartily at an unfunny remark. 'Jasmine yorked politely, loathing him to the depths of her being' - Virginia Woolf.

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