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EAST WITTERING : (n.) The same as west wittering (q.v.) only it's you they've trying to get away from.
EDGBASTON : (n.) The spare seat-cushion carried by a London bus, which is placed against the rear bumper when the driver wishes to indicate that the bus has broken down. No one knows how this charming old custom originated or how long it will continue.
ELY : (n.) The first, tiniest inkling you get that something, somewhere, has gone terribly wrong.
EMSWORTH : (n.) Measure of time and noiselessness defined as the moment between the doors of a lift closing and it beginning to move.
EPPING : (participial vb.) The futile movements of forefingers and eyebrows used when failing to attract the attention of waiters and barmen.
EPSOM : (n.) An entry in a diary (such as a date or a set of initials) or a name and address in your address book, which you haven't the faintest idea what it's doing there.
EPWORTH : (n.) The precise value of the usefulness of epping (q.v.). It is a little-known fact than an earlier draft of the final line of the film Gone with the Wind had Clark Gable saying 'Frankly my dear, i don't give an epworth', the line being eventually changed on the grounds that it might not be understood in Cleveland.
ERIBOLL : (n.) A brown bubble of cheese containing gaseous matter which grows on Welsh rarebit. It was Sir Alexander Flemming's study of eribolls which led, indirectly, to his discovery of the fact that he didn't like Welsh rarebit very much.
ESHER : (n.) One of those push tapes installed in public washrooms enabling the user to wash their trousers without actually getting into the basin. The most powerful esher of recent years was 'damped down' by Red Adair after an incredible sixty-eight days' fight in Manchester's Piccadilly Station.
EVERSCREECH : (n.) The look given by a group of polite, angry people to a rude, calm queuebarger.

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