Sniglets: Gangloot to Gertatious

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Gangloot : (gan' glewt) (n.) Person who leaves all his ski passes on his jacket just to impress people.
Gapiana : (ga pee ah' nah) (n.) The unclaimed strip of land between the "you are now leaving" and "welcome to" signs when crossing state lines.
Gargoyle : (n.), an olive-flavored mouthwash.
Garmites : (GAR mitz) (n.) Those items of clothing that fit perfectly in the store, but somehow shrink on the way home.
Gashiousness : The superior tone of voice your own internal monolgue takes on when it knows you are shit faced.
Gazinta : (gah zin' tuh) (n.) Mathematical symbol for division; also the sound uttered when dividing out l oud. (Example: "Four gazinta eight twice.") (ed. note: this one came from Leigh in Australia. As a Canadian I would say "Gozinta)
Genderplex : (JEN dur pleks) (n.) The predicament of a person in a theme restaurant who is unable to determine his or her designated bathroom (e.g., turtles and tortoises).
Genitaliar : an image-enhancing object that can be carried in a man's front pocket.
Geosniglet : Any word that should be in the atlas but isn't.
Gertatious : (gur tay' shus) (adj.) Having the adolescent fear that hanging one's arm over the bed at night will mean being dragged under.

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