Sniglets: Darf to Dillrelict

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Darf : (darf) (n.) The least attractive side of a Christmas tree that ends up facing th e wall.
Dasho : (DA show) (n.) The area between a car's windshield and dashboard, where coins, pencils, etc. cannot be humanly retrieved.
Decaflon : (n.) The grueling event of getting through the day consuming only things that are good for you .
Deifenestration : to throw all talk of God out the window.
Delusions Of Greendeur : Sometimes products will try to pander to you consciousness by claiming to be ozone friendly, environmentally-safe, ... no animal testing required.
Deodorend : (n.) The last 1/2 inch of stick deodorant that won't turn up out of the tube, and thus cannot be used without inducing lacerations.
Deterrency : (de TER ren see) (n.) The ruined currency found in pants pockets after laundering.
Detruncus : (de trunk' us) (n.) The embarrassing phenomenon of losing one's bathing shorts while diving in to a swimming pool.
Digitritus : (dij ih tree' tus) (n.) Deposits found between the links of a watchband.
Dillrelict : (dil rel' ikt) (n.) The last pickle in the jar that avoids all attempts to be captured.

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