Sniglets: Hacula to Hoaraxiomist

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Hacula : (hak' yew luh) (n.) The last few inches of tape measure or lawn mower cord tha t refuses to rewind automatically.
Hangle : (hang' ul) (n.) A cluster of coat hangers.
Hawaska : In an atlas, the rectangular box which contains Hawaii and Alaska and is located just off the coast of Arizona.
Hemaglobe : The bloody state of the world.
Hempennant : (hem' pen ent) (n.) Any coattail, cuff, or dress hem dangling outside the door of a moving vehicle.
Hereoglyph : A little stick figure on a mallmanac (see below) that tells you where yo u are in a mall bec ause you can't tell by yourself because there is no face on it. (Often the words "You Are Here" occur at the bottom of the hereoglyph)
Hindkerchief : really expensive toilet paper; toilet paper at Buckingham palace.
Hindprint : indentation made by a couch potato.
Hipatitis : Terminal coolness.
Hoaraxiomist : (n.) A Person who reasons about the meaning of programs.

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