Sniglets: Pajangle to Percuburp

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Pajangle : (pah jan' gul) (n.) Condition of waking up with your pajamas turned 180 degr ees.
Pedaeration : (ped air ay' shun) (n.) Perfect body heat achieved by having one leg under the sheet and one hanging off the edge of the bed.
Pediddel : (pe DID ul) (n.) A car with only one working headlight. (Related to LEDDIDEP : a car with only one working taillight.)
Pedlock : (PED lahk) (n.) The condition of a bicycle pedal wedging itself against the kickstand.
Pelp : (pelp) (n.) The crumbs and food particles that accumulate in the cracks of dining tables.
Pelutho : (n.) A South American ball game. The balls are whacked against a brick wall w ith a stout wooden bat until the prisoner confesses.
Penciventilation : (pen si ven ti lay' shun) (n.) The act of blowing on the tip of a pencil after sharpening it.
Pepperlonely : the piece of pepperoni left on the cardboard when you pick up a piece of pizza.
Peppier : (peph ee ay') (n.) The waiter at a fancy restaurant whose sole purpose seems to be walking around asking diners if they want fresh ground pepper.
Percuburp : (PER kyu berp) (n.) The final gasp a coffee percolator makes to alert you it is ready.

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