Sniglets: Sturp to Swaznia

(Sniglets collected: 625)

Sturp : (sterp) (v.) To pin down a runaway peice of paper or currency with one's foot b efore the wind blows it away.
Stuttoning : buttoning up a shirt or blouse and put one button in the wrong hole, so all subsequent buttons go into wrong holes until you realise your mistake.
Subatomic Toasticles : (sub ah tom' ik toh' stik uhlz) (n.) Tiny fragments of toast left behind in the butter.
Subnougate : (sub new' get) (v.) To eat the bottom caramels in a candy box and carefully replace the top level, hoping no one will notice.
Succubeebish : (suk yu BE bish) (n.) The gelatinous substance found surrounding canned hams and Vienna sausages.
Suckotash : a dish consisting of corn, lima beans and tofu.
Supbbling : (spub' ling) (v.) The superhuman feat of trying to wash one's hands and manipulate the "water saving" faucets at the same time.
Superfluholes : (sup ur FLEW holz) (n.) The phony holes on speaker covers, put there to match the ones that actually surround the speaker.
Surfusing : (n.) The act of pretending to read while watching TV also, or vice versa.
Swaznia : (swaz' nuh) (n.) The thin, disgusting membrane that connects the bottom of th e tongue to the top of the jaw, presumably to hold it in place.

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